Risk Management Plans: How to Develop One for Your Nurse Staffing Firm

Risk Management Plans: How to Develop One for Your Nurse Staffing Firm

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When it comes to running a nurse staffing agency, you need to be aware of different risks. Knowing your risks allows you to prepare a plan against them. You need to take care of your employees, environment and consider a nurse staffing liability broker.

Screen Your Employees

In order to minimize your risk, you need solid employees. The nurses that you hire should not be a liability to your company. This means conduct a private interview, verify identification, check licenses, references, do a background check and drug screening.

Provide a Safe Environment

Make sure that you follow strict safety protocol when it comes to your employees. With a staffing agency, this might seem like a challenge because your employees are at a variety of sites. Always conduct an inspection before you assign an employee to a facility.

Invest in Insurance

Contact a nurse staffing liability broker to find out what kinds of coverage options are available to your staffing firm. Even after research, you may not know everything that you need to about coverage. While you can have the best risk management plan, there will always be hazards that require insurance protection.

In the staffing industries, there are a lot of risks that you have to keep yourself aware of and protected against. A risk management plan is the best way to do it.