Insurance for Truckers

Insurance for Truckers

trucking liability programs

Taking on the open road while seeing sites along the way and receiving a wage for it are just some of the perks of operating a truck. But driving cross-country for hours or days on end with cargo in tow comes with its own set of unique challenges. Responsibilities, such as meeting deadlines after long, sometimes odd hours, stopping in unfamiliar locations, accountability for products being shipped under the proper conditions on top of safely operating an oversized vehicle can add up. With the protections of good trucking liability programs, those worries can be alleviated.

Types of Protections

Different companies offer a variety of packages that have different coverage depending on your needs. Some things you must consider when finding the right plan include:

  • Home location and destinations: maximum distance and state limitations
  • Types of haulers: such as produce, general or container
  • Towing services: if it is potentially needed and the plan’s limitations
  • Physical damage
  • General and auto liability
  • Coverage for stored vehicles
    Excess liability: to increase existing insurance limitations

While there are many trucking liability programs to choose from, consulting directly with a reputable insurance agent is the best course of action to finding the individual plan that works best. As soon as protections are in place, attention can be better focused on reaching the destination safely with the driver, surrounding vehicles and cargo in the best condition possible.