Connecting with Your Customers

Connecting with Your Customers

Insurance social media

Being at the right place at the right time with the right information is key to any successful business and insurance is no exception. Insurance social media is a powerful tool to help insurance professionals meet their client’s needs quickly and efficiently. It can create genuine customer connections and offer a way to engage on a personal level. Consumers utilize social media for reviews, providing feedback and asking questions that help them decide which insurance carrier or broker to choose.

Social Content Marketing

According to a Nationwide Insurance survey, most consumers said their policy was too long and complicated. They ended up feeling confused and overwhelmed. As a result, fewer than half had read the entire policy. Using social media to share content in small, quickly consumed bites can help build trust and gain word of mouth referrals. Utilizing a variety of content formats enable users to choose which medium meets their needs. Options include:

  • A bulleted list of useful tips
  • Educational videos
  • Instructional pamphlets
  • Interactive worksheets
  • Calculators

Insurance may not be an exciting topic, but emotions often run high in situations that call for its use. Consumers want to understand what they need to make sure they are covered when accidents happen. Using insurance social media can ensure consumers know what they have and what they need before they need it.