Common Workers Comp Mistakes

Common Workers Comp Mistakes

Workers comp insurance is both vital and necessary, because it is there to protect you if you get hurt on the job. That requires you to use it correctly, though. Workers comp mistakes are common and often stem from misunderstanding the process. Unfortunately, this can result in either the denial of a claim or the protraction of the healing process. Here are some of the most common mistakes made by employees and small companies:

  • Failure to report the accident promptly
  • Inadequate explanation of the injury
  • Lack of completed paperwork for claims
  • Failure to follow medical orders
  • Returning to work too quickly

Not all of these issues affect claim payouts for medical expenses from the original injury. Instead, they increase the risk of reinjury and open the possibility of medical expenses from secondary issues that may not fall under workers comp protections.

Educate Your Employees About Workers Comp

The best way to avoid workers comp mistakes that cost your employees or your company extra money is to train your workforce. Specialized insurers who focus on serving local small businesses with the employment insurance they need often have resources of their own to help with this. If you do not know how to talk to your employees about using the claims process, look to your insurance provider for resources that can help you make an effective presentation at your next shift meeting. If your insurance provider does not have those resources, consider looking for an experienced local insurer who does.