Commercial Liability Insurance Options for Staffing Firms

Commercial Liability Insurance Options for Staffing Firms

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Staffing firms can benefit from insurance plans that offer several levels of employee liability coverage. This coverage may need to apply to the employees of the firm itself and extend to contingent workers placed by the firm. Complete coverage could require a variety of separate plans as well as specific endorsements.

Levels of Liability

Staffing firms must account for numerous levels of liability. These firms can be exposed to risk through their own employees as well as contingent, temporary, or leased workers placed with clients. Depending on the needs of a firm, a qualified insurance provider can make sure that these policies extend as far as necessary. This can even involve covering clients as insureds rather than merely additional insureds.

Liability Coverage Options

Many different types of employee liability coverage may be useful for staffing firms given the unique structures of these businesses. Employee benefits plans could protect a firm from errors in filing insurance benefits for employees or workers placed at other companies who remain primarily employed by the firm. Employment-practices liability plans should shelter staffing firms from claims pertaining to discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination filed by their own employees or applicants for placement. An experienced insurance provider can help a staffing firm obtain suitable employee liability coverage.