“Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food”

460-370 B.C was a time in history when people were under the impression that their gods oppressed them through illnesses. At this juncture came a man, Hippocrates. With him, a school of thought blossomed that enabled people with wisdom to live longer healthier lives. His studies revealed to all that the root cause of disease, was what they were ingesting and how they were living. Rather than by persecution from the gods. His motto, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food.” was and still is a revolutionary thought. It was taboo, and a forbidden act to dissect a human body dead or alive during Hippocrates’ life. This is what allowed Hippocrates to understand the correct principles necessary in promoting the most beneficial lifestyle, diet. Many modern doctors tend to treat symptoms and not root causation of disease. Partially due to a capitalist society as well as willful ignorance, today some people are handicapped as that of the ancients; in a more sophisticated way. With the advent of all human knowledge with a click away, we are now more than ever, fully able to gain access to much more wisdom than that of Hippocrates time. To truly be an educated student would mean to not only study your assigned curriculum but to also study how to correctly eat your way to providence.